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A collection of metaverse-ready 3D animated robots, powering communication and trade across the open metaverse.


Within reach is an open metaverse of your making. All you need is a little help from your friends...

Far beyond the walled gardens, communities thrive and freedom knows no bounds. Here, open communication is a way of life. Adventure breeds opportunity and fortune favours those who seek it.

The Seekers have been purpose-built to make this dream a reality.

Your trusted companions and expert sidekicks, these endearing yet rebellious robots are here to help you boldly navigate the new, open metaverse.

Together, the Seekers are the decentralised communication network for the open metaverse, bringing greater utility to your NFTs, bridging the gaps between communities and unifying us all in a shared, open rebellion for positive change against the restrictions of Web2.


The Seekers are a collection of unique, 3D robots facilitating decentralised communication across the open Metaverse.

Just like our partner projects, Seekers are stored as ERC721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, and owners will be able to download their Seeker in .mp4, .gif, and .png formats, with 3D models on the horizon.


The magic of revolution is written into the Seekers’ very code. Operating as a digital representation of Sylo Nodes, the Seekers collectively form the Metaverse communication and trade network. They are literally your ticket to an open Web3.0 for you and everyone, enabling truly decentralised digital worlds to bloom. Own a Seeker, choose to run a node, support the network, and reap the rewards. 



The great

For years, the Seekers have been out in the ether laying the foundations for their network. With their task almost complete, the time of the Great Return draws closer. 

Each Seeker is unique in its own right, as is its beacon. Upon mint, you will receive a Seeker beacon; then when the time of the Great Return arrives, your Seeker will take the beacon’s place and become the robo-sidekick you’ve been waiting for.

Our team & Partners

We’re built on over half a decade of experience in creating user-centric, open-source, decentralised communication infrastructure that already works in the real world, every day. With the addition of an artistic team including Academy Award winning animators from Ice Age and Alien Resurrection, and professional 3D gaming artists, the Seekers are built to perfection and ready to take on the metaverse.

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